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    Working memory, IQ, focus & multitasking brain training app
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    Super Brain Performance
    Episodic n-back brain training for optimal cognitive performance
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    Long-term neuroplasticity change
    Proven neuroplasticity inducing training method

Working Memory, IQ, Focus & Multitasking Brain Game

SuperNBack v.1

SuperNBack is a memory brain game that makes you smarter. Developed by cognitive neuroscientists and game-developers, it combines science with brain games.

SuperNBack is a super brain training app! Super brains have extraordinary brain power that goes beyond traditional working memory training gains for IQ & memory.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), ASD, Dyslexia and the declining focus with aging can all benefit from SuperNBack working memory training.

SuperNback  is a 2nd generation episodic n-back brain game, greatly improving on the original Jaeggi n-back method with cross-modal training & multitasking.

We money-back guarantee a 50% working memory increase in 20 days. And for each 30 minute session you complete will give you a dollar back – for up to 20 sessions.

“The new modalities are definitely more challenging, and therefore more effective for memory training. I found the XOR very challenging – it really helped.” TD

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Increase your working memory capacity 50%:
Supercharge your brain. Get smarter!

Download your copy of our SuperNback working memory brain game.

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